Dunlop A.1693

Dunlop a.1693 is a white, free flowing creamy liquid, which dries to give a translucent film resistant to both high and low temperatures. A.1693 has been specifically designed for bonding pvc films used in the manufacture of kitchen, bedroom and dining room furniture. It is also very suitable for use on computer furniture, loudspeaker cabinets and tv cabinets. the adhesive is formulated for roller coating application to the chipboard or blockboard.

Dunlop A.1693 has F.I.R.A. Approval and is resistant to plasticisers and both high and low temperatures.

Dunlop A.1693 recommended as labeling glue for glass, PVC Pet bottles and other plastic is non- staining and non-settling.

The high solids prevents “telegraphing” an effect created by wetting out the chipboard to cause swelling of the chips, which do not return to their original position.


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