AGROUP was established in 1981 and commenced the manufacture of adhesives, sealants and related products during 1983 under license from DUNLOP ADHESIVES - UK in a custom built factory (Located in North Marka - Amman ) specifically designed for this purpose.

During the following years AGROUP has continued to expand and consolidate its position as the pioneer and leading manufacturer of theses products in Jordan with potential presence in most of the Middle East countries.

Through its long and comprehensive relation with DUNLOP, AGROUP formed a responsive and effective entity providing technical solutions for modern industry, and accordingly, all its adhesives and sealants employ the most advanced technology. This entity has the ability to develop and manufacture products of almost any type or classification for particular specialist applications. Firm commitment to supply the highest quality products is mirrored by a dedication to product support and customer service in a partnership like relationship with customers to achieve the best results. So, with its range of adhesives and sealants, and the technical capabilities of products developments, it continues its reputation for providing solutions to sealing all types of materials that must be capable of withstanding a wide range of conditions and requirements.